When I was a child, before the internet enters my life, we all played lots of games ourselves or previous generations had invented. Now, with the rise of the new age coming to our lives with its goods and bads, we can not learn from the bads before experiencing them. However, we can protect ourselves against potential threat of the modern age jungle. The threats such as what Per Lifvergren had to face in his childhood filmed by Sandra Nelhans illustrate the seriousness of the problems we might have to face. Furthermore, the study of Karen Slovak and Jonathan Singer revealed that although all the respondents from elementary, middle and high schools felt cyber bullying can cause severe psychological harm, only about 55% believed they were well-prepared to handle the issue. The next generation will live in an even more technological cyber life. Technology can be used as a threat or a wisdom to protect users. Since the origin of the human kind, technology was the instrument of progress. From the invention of writing, fire, wheel, tools for protecting and hunting and later in the Middle Ages when populations became more sedentary with agriculture, without forgetting the era of the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution. Then the evolution of technology took a flight in the 20th century with the invention of the electricity, automation of production, after all  with the passion to discover the infinite’s eternity; the space studies weren’t enough human enlighten whilst created a world of the lives of the others; cyberspace comes through.

Here comes the choice, using technology for a good purpose or using it as a weapon for terminating human kind. Technology mustn’t be a hacking tool to hack women eggs and men sperms production. Individuality is preserved though the protection of privacy and identity. In the cyberspace, identity theft becomes a serious threat. Our responsibility for the safety of our society goes higher and higher. As stated by the founder of Fly a Kite initiative Clarinette Tara; “if you are concerned that your kids could be exposed to influences you’re not happy with online, come and join us in our effort to make the Internet a safer place for children. We’d also like to see children spending more time outside, running and jumping and taking the fresh air, as much as we used to as kids. To encourage other parents, and to provide a meeting place for all of us, we have launched a Fly A Kite initiative online to promote kids’ safety and net citizenship education. The idea is encouraging kids to create their own kites during summer, come out to play and run, while engaging in discussion and awareness with adults on online safety.”

Come and FLY A KITE… Choose your slogan and fly a kite like in your childhood for the next generations’ childhood.

Here are some suggested slogans; admittedly some much more catchy than others by Rebecca Herold a.k.a. PrivacyProf.

A bully can’t fly like a kite in the sky
A bully’s like a fly , they get wacked!
An online hit can hurt a lot
Be nice not nasty on the net.
Buh-bye bully
Bullies never win & winners never bully
Bullying is not good
Bullying: just say no
Bye-bye bully
Cyber bullies bring you down; get high with a kite!

More details can be found at as below:

IPrivacy4IT – Clarinette’s blog

Fly a Kite Initiative web site

Fly a Kite Facebook Group

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