Every person in the world can speak about democracy or want to live in a democratically way. That’s normal, it’s human rights. In some situations sometimes human kind understand the democracy concept in a different and false way. What kind of democracy? Who has to be in charge in a democracy, most powerful or just […]

IT security company Sophos published a report focused on data security, The State of Data Security, which emphasizes risks and costs of exposure of personal information on mobile devices and social media sites. Social media sites will become a threat for your organization as a tool of social engineering with your employee’s unprotected social networks […]

Lately, Turkish Telecommunications Directorate, or TiB, sent a ban list to the companies, which has a total of 138 words from Turkish Internet domain names and these ordinary words can be used in usual everyday life. The TiB internet ban law number 5651 and related legislation also banned to take action related to banning websites. […]

I am not going to give the definitions of the terms, because it has been an issue from Adam and Eve ages to this time so homo-idiotus can know the meaning of the terms. As stated at all holly source books, they had anxieties for confidentiality/privacy. Do not forget the fig leaves; the story is […]

Censorship limits what can be found when looking for news and information. Privacy is far more important than in the past since everything one does on the Internet can come back to do damage years later. Anonymity has turned the world into a happy but deceptive place, safer for both whistle-blowers and criminals. Net Neutrality […]

Where the Wikileaks money comes from? Is it just a classical well known game or these supports are just for a beginning of the new age information revolution? Can we say “the modern world couldn’t accept secrecy”? But this is the main issue of being a government and country, it has to protect himself and […]

The new century built it’s phenomenon in the phenomenon’s world like Twitter or Facebook. And the phenomenons in this century followed by too many people so fast because of the communication technology or you can call it with social media. Web isn’t a “one” based space, like societies, it has got subcultures and subphenomenons. Madwriting […]