“As more people use the internet to communicate, obtain information, socialize, and conduct,  commerce, governments have stepped up efforts to regulate, and in some instances tightly control, the new medium. Reports of website blocking and filtering, content manipulation, attacks on and imprisonment of bloggers, and cyberattacks have all increased sharply in recent years”  shows how […]

People are getting more information about how to attack with new internet. Even if the users can try to attack because of their egos or to satisfy their anxieties. A report from McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) showed that threat level is getting higher than last year. Meanwhile Stuxnet is […]

While I am packing my stuff, I found a 5.25 diskette at one of my old boxes. It’s a BTC System Disk which is compatible with IBM PC/AT/XT. Finding this diskette remind me how IT improved itself, wow look at our new toys now smartphones, netbooks, notebooks, highly improved desktops etc. And also Microsoft Windows […]

Activists, hactivists, security geeks, social media writers, bloggers, researchers etc., all talked about the same subject, how facebook secure for your own or for outsiders? After Mark Zuckerberg’s account hacked, they decided to put an HTTPS to users’ account asap. And HTTPS in Facebook yes maybe started after Mark Zuckerberg’s account hacked, but for now […]

How I Met Your Girlfriend by Samy… A technic by Samy worm writer… Do not try at home, it will be dangerous for your own safety, you can be hacked by Samy’s malicious web site!