In 2011 Elections results, current ruler party won the elections with percentage 46,6 of Turkey. In 3 years too many thing changed for Turkey and the region Middle East but also for the world. However last year of Turkey passed with a struggle for Information Freedom and freedom of expression and still does. Treating to ban social media which just only Facebook has 30.963.100 people from Turkey; that’s the 39,3% of internet users in Turkey; can be given as an example for this struggle. Mostly that amount of internet users of Turkey are as young as to vote in local and general elections. March 30 is for local elections in Turkey and the propaganda started for the elections so that there are lots of political content on social networks.

The aim of research can be shown as in questions like; what is the reaction of Turkish people for political contents? Are they discussing it online freely or they have some drawbacks? Does the political parties’ content draw attention on social networks or they are still working in old style? What is the idea for Arab Spring? Is it socialized or can it be happen in Turkey? How is the reaction to the different political ideas of own friends on social networks?

In 2011 this survey used for that aims and over 1000 people joined it and before 2014 local elections; this research again on the table to realize/analyze the transformation in Turkey about information freedom and freedom of expression via social networks.

For my beloved Turkish citizens, please click here for the research.

Sosyal Ağlardaki Siyasi Propagandalar Karşısındaki Davranış Değişiklikleri ve Enformasyon Özgürlüğü araştırmasına katılmak için lütfen tıklayınız…

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