Every person in the world can speak about democracy or want to live in a democratically way. That’s normal, it’s human rights. In some situations sometimes human kind understand the democracy concept in a different and false way. What kind of democracy? Who has to be in charge in a democracy, most powerful or just a citizen? If the powerful one authorized for conducting democracy can we talk about democracy or is it a leader system? At this point how we define democracy and where is the public in this system? Politicians can discuss these questions. On the other hand, while discussing the impacts of internet and social media, SM creates its own MP candidate for June 12 general elections. For being a candidate in Turkey, minimum requirements are; must graduate at least primary school and served for military service. That’s it. Oh and you have to be over 25 years old.

From that point, social media creates its own MP candidate at the elections from Eskisehir which is a big city in Turkey. Ahmet Yılmaz was also famous with a video on Youtube who was stabbed and threw bottles to some drunk guys made trouble in an alcohol store. He won social media users’ approval because of his courage. Incisozlük which is a social media in Turkey, decide to propose him for the elections. Lately he made an announcement on Facebook to withdraw his candidature because of financial problems, after all the reactions from users, he call off to withdraw. He needs 70.000 votes for the elections. It’s a youth movement to protest undemocratically leadership system at the elections.

From entries to Parliament… We will see what Ahmet Yılmaz will do at the elections.

Ahmet Yılmaz Presentation Video

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