Lately, Turkish Telecommunications Directorate, or TiB, sent a ban list to the companies, which has a total of 138 words from Turkish Internet domain names and these ordinary words can be used in usual everyday life. The TiB internet ban law number 5651 and related legislation also banned to take action related to banning websites.

Some words from the list related to everyday life are; Adrianne, Hayvan (Animal), Baldiz (sister-in-law), Etek (skirt), Gizli (confidential), Hikaye (story), Yasak (forbidden), Yerli (local), itiraf (confession), nefes (breath).

This was a confusion for internet freedom in Turkey and also it was a cause for significant increase of censored internet sites.

In the meantime, we noticed that TiB wants to kill the internet in Turkey and also did it with a filtering system which forces the users to choose one of the 4 filter types to connect internet, will be in force at August 22nd. While Youtube and other sites censored as Turkish users and the President got connected to internet with changing DNS settings, now this will be a crime and also ISP’s will be responsible for protecting the filters. These 4 filter types are; “family” –which the families can’t protect themselves so government wants to do it, “children” –which protect our children from pornographic or any other kind of harmful content so fathers, mothers are desperate to protect their children in a patriarchal culture, “domestic” –which makes a big local intranet for Turkish users, will be the biggest intranet in the world also and the last filter is “standard” –which looks like more free but it’s amenable to TiB’s black lists or any other blocking law.

These are undemocratically activities or legislations and setting at nought the individual so the individuals choose their democratically rights with a protest march on May 15th, at 14:00, in these cities; Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Afyon, Antalya, Aydın, Bursa, Bodrum, Çanakkale, Denizli, Diyarbakır, Elazığ, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Giresun, Hatay, Isparta, Kayseri, Kırklareli, Kocaeli, Konya, Kütahya, Malatya, Mersin, Muğla, Ordu, Samsun, Trabzon, Zonguldak and some European cities like Amsterdam-Holland, Cologne-ermany, Vienna-Austria. Find more details at Internetime Dokunma!, Ekşi Sözlük and Facebook Group with 590,354 members.

While we are waiting to decrease the rate 45 of internet freedom for Turkey which stated in Internet Freedom Report by Freedom House, these legislations will make Turkey like China or Iran.

Even if the governments in the world; nobody has rights to limit somebody’s freedom.

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