IT security company Sophos published a report focused on data security, The State of Data Security, which emphasizes risks and costs of exposure of personal information on mobile devices and social media sites.

Social media sites will become a threat for your organization as a tool of social engineering with your employee’s unprotected social networks accounts. Meanwhile this exposure will be your company’s concerns. As stated in the report about 85% of all U.S. companies have experienced one or more data breaches, according to the Ponemon Institute, but the figure may be even larger because many companies don’t have the ability to detect exposed information like the companies Massachusetts General Hospital, a BP employee’s lost laptop which contains data on 13000 oil spill claimants during routine business travel. And Epsilon, marketing service provider fell victim to a massive data breach, also Nationwide Building Society’s laptop containing confidential records for nearly 11 million customers was stolen. All for this maybe! giving location information will be leak for your data.

What about the costs? This is most exciting part, The Ponemon Institute’s most recent U.S. Cost of a Data Breach report shows that costs continue to rise. In 2010, the costs of a data breach reached $214 per compromised record and averaged $7.2 million per data breach event. This is not for U.S. here the global differences for the costs; The U.S. had the highest cost per compromised record at $204, followed by Germany at $177, France at $119, Australia at $114 and the U.K. at $98.

As stated at the report of Sophos; So, how does data become exposed and leave company networks? A number of factors can make your organization’s data vulnerable to loss or theft. Simple human mistakes, malicious cybertheft, technology failures and emerging technologies all contribute to the problem.

To protect the data Sophos provides layered protection which are Encryption, Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention and Security controls. Download the report here.

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