I am not going to give the definitions of the terms, because it has been an issue from Adam and Eve ages to this time so homo-idiotus can know the meaning of the terms. As stated at all holly source books, they had anxieties for confidentiality/privacy. Do not forget the fig leaves; the story is all same for all religions. At this time do we have the same concerns for our privacy? Or time is changed so do we have to appropriate to compromise our privacy? Is this all our thoughts or can it be impositions of the social capitalism?

It’s interesting that the social capitalisms’ biggest 3 companies Microsoft, Google, Apple; are tracking us, who are we for them? Or is it a research experiment for the future advertisements? Social capitalism is a kind of capitalism that we are shopping for socialization. While we are socializing, we knowingly and willingly/unwillingly alienate our privacy to third parties. At this point; John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham are the philosophers most closely associated with utilitarianism. This view of ethics puts a high value on results and holds that we must consider whether and to what degree our actions will bring pain or pleasure not only to ourselves but to all others who will be impacted by what we do? For this; everyone can be impacted who use smart phones/internet/social media with 3 companies’ actions. Both sides need to think their utilities this is coming from being a human, no problem for that if we as customers can’t trust the social capitalists while paying them, the solution is going back to 19th century at least we don’t have to think about our digital identities or our digital life.

This is all happen in a thin line with privacy and piracy. The decisions that you made for social capitalism sometimes can make you pirates or privacy defenders. Or forget everything, choose the simple way and stop using location updates at your phones. So you can make your decisions with the following readings.

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Got Windows Phone 7? Microsoft’s Tracking You Too

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Devices Are Also Tracking You

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